A sustainable approach

Think about it; a hot bath before you go to bed, wake up in the morning and enjoy a delicious cooked breakfast, all without leaving even the tiniest carbon footprint.
Welcome to living carbon neutral!

How do we do it

For electricity we have solar PV panels, for hot water there are solar panels and for heating and hot water we have a wood pellet boiler. In addition to that we also have a Nissan Leaf electric car.


Wherever possible we use home grown and locally sourced produce for your breakfast and luckily we have a wealth of fantastic artisan producers in Monmouthshire.

Breakfast consists of home-made bread, sausages and bacon from our own pigs and eggs from our chickens. For vegetarians we have delicious home-made Glamorgan sausages and mushrooms and tomatoes from the Wye Valley. All tea and coffee is fair-trade.